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Applied Integrated Philosophy As Opposed
To Endless Numbers of Small Fields of Expertise !

Applied integrated philosophy, to which this is an introduction, is an effort to re-unite matters that
have more and more been partitioned into tiny fields of expertise. This makes virtually any niche of
our lives a hunting ground for parochial, self-appointed experts together with certain groups of interests. This is one main factor for many difficulties of menkind while too many of us are not aware of it !

First Published :  02th of May 2011

I am making an effort to gather a bit of speed with regard to steering our world away of a pretty often utilized techniques when it is about understanding things of existence and its principal involved energies. Although we shall subsequently need deeper look in to this specific matter, I would wish to present to you some short reference in advance The basic mechanism that we are dealing with is the diversification of all of our whole existence, maybe even the universe as a whole if we could, into countless numbers of always tinier sub-divisions, tiny subjects which nevertheless remain eternal parts of the cosmos in its entirety.

This might particularly result in the effect that individuals who specialize in 1 or several of the smaller sized sub-divisions of sciences, are starting to discover that the things that are currently enveloping us with an ever narrower angle of vision and shall come up with more and more reasonings that sound great at first and for their chosen group of experts, but coming from an all natural standpoint it will show, that their extremely restricted standpoint and very narrow minded theories, are bad and one could as well say that they are fatally harmful to us humans in particular and the natural balance of all things on the other hand.

One of the imminent phenomenons is widely accepted as the: "Fallacy of Composition" which suggests that the ultimate result, brought forward by limited data only, when compared with full information, is frequently misguided and if such findings in some cases are indeed accurate, it can be regarded as a happenstance. This usually ends in a very useless and risky confrontation amongst the representatives of the very hidebound convicitons that are obtained via such a shortness of sight. In addition it creates that tempting option to present matters having little value however credibly explained when it comes to all those who often do not have a lot or any insight at all.

Generally during politically correct conditions, meaning in times with exploited as well as openly respected "hypocrisy," such discrepancies are producing poor compromises, which are going to hurt nobody right away, but more often than not, most of us in the long run. So far, none of the challenges are openly named, let alone that any real or suitable solutions are typically accomplished. Undoubtedly the real predicament is not necessarily in the specialization of all of our social systems towards small fields of proficiency or with the splitting of objectives, activities and/or subjects into always tinier niches. One dilemma has become for instance that universal physical rules are rather frequently not really honored, now and again not even realized and therefore not well followed.

The specialists and their own particular expertise, are actually strangling every underlaying integrated system of mother nature by means of applying techniques, which often are typically and also too much influenced by some "special interests" of only a few and inspired by elite groups, which are associated with various fields of expertise inside the social systems. Excellent would be to clear the way regarding the requirements of the bigger system which is the cosmos of which we are a component, whether we accept this fact or not. A comparatively small total of specialists who really seem to be pushed in a more than proper degree by way of their very own ego, determines behaviors that will be happening, and they do it with a nearly full risk that the entire system, the basic universal model, in segments or in its entirety, shall sooner or later be going to collapse, at least some elements of it that are going to proof to be relevant for the world.

For more detailed information about this topic please have a look into the following site with more information about "Applied Integrated Philosophy"

For information about my work in other fields, feel free to check my new platform with interesting topics about "Various Technologies" as well as about Ethics & Philosophy !

My Name is Peter G. Keller. I am a philosopher, further working as a business consultant and as a computer consultant for mac users on one hand and for smartphone users who are using iOS or the Symbian operating system on the other hand. I am working mostly from home. Currently I'm working on various books about "Ethics & Applied Integrated Philosophy". My hobbies are motorbiking, windsurfing & piloting floatplanes.

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