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212.1 What Many Absolutely Fool Proof Fat Loss Guides Are Often All About !

Vast numbers of fellow humans are year after year making plans to loose weight and/or to improve their percentage of lean muscle mass. Then how comes that so many of them are hesitating endlessly to pull off with their weight loss projects?

First Published :  05th of May 2011

Well, many of us are sometimes depending on a certain type of extra input to reach the proper level of motivation to go ahead with our plans. I will provide you with plenty of pressure to start right away together with some valuable hints how to keep your target weight, which is at least as important and probably even more difficult than to loose excess body weight, which only comes first chronologically.

The first step to put yourself under significant pressure is to go public with your weight-loss plans. To let those around you know about your far-reaching goals and to remain constantly aware of their doubts that you will ever get there, will considerably help you to keep your own weakness under control. At least this strategy does the trick with all those who are not usually just talking empty shells. The more precise your announcements the better. So go on an tell everybody how many pounds you're going to loose and even better, in how little time exactly that you are going to achieve that.

The next thing you should do is to find ways which fit your needs, tastes, styles and abilities to start with. What I'm talking about is that you should try to enjoy the process of loosing weight as much as possible. The reason for this seems to be quite clear. Whatever you like to do lowers the level of motivation and overcoming to get started every time. Further, whatever you love to do, you will want to do for ever but at least for a very long and thus sufficiently long time to meet the purpose of whatever you will be doing to get rid of your excess weight.

Then as mentioned earlier, even if we made it somehow to loose those annoying extra pounds, there still remains the issue about keeping our newly achieved weight level. There are as you can imagine many possible reasons exactly why this is so difficult and I believe that it's well worth the effort to think a little bit about this problem and as a follow-up, to think about how to seek a lasting way out of that particular trap.

Exactly as we are all aware of that bad routines are very difficult to get rid of together with their roots. Nevertheless, to achieve that is exactly the only way to keep yourself in good shape after a long and successful diet. However, due to the fact that it's obviously not so easy, I shall provide you with a few hints and tips how to keep in touch with the developments in ways that you can take immediate action, should the process of regaining weight gain momentum.

Number one is to set for an upper limit above which you immediately will fall back into dieting or at least feel guilty and stay in a state of awareness of the problem itself and the related developments. Should you for some good reasons like weddings, invitations and so on, opt for the second of the two options. You will have to set an absolute limit above which you will simply stop taking in any calories at all, This means that in the worst case your weight will remain between limit one and limit two until your situation and readiness will allow to resume the same diet plan which has been successful before and thus has been proven to work for you. So again what you are going to do is to put pressure on yourself and make yourself having a bad conscience all the time until you start doing what's necessary again.

Another very important step is to categorize food in a way that you know by heart when you eat well, normal or bad as far as your weight is concerned. Often these criteria apply at the same time for the subject of your long term health condition. The goal here is that if you see your weight raising that you know immediately what kind of food not to buy and on the other hand of what kind of food you can make use of if you're hungry but have to stop the gain of body fat immediately, as a result of the limits you have set beforehand.

As a little resume we can say that you have to set values to become aware that you have to become active, to acquire pressure and a bad conscience and then we have to know and decide beforehand what kind of food will be taboo immediately and to what kind of food we can shift immediately to survive the moment and the time until we have accumulated enough will, pressure and control to enter the elevator that will carry us down on the scale.

For more detailed information about this topic please have a look into the following site with more information about this fool proof "Fat Loss Guides" !

For information about my work in other fields, feel free to check my new platform with interesting topics about "Ethics & Philosophy" as well as know-how and ideas for various technologies!

My Name is Peter G. Keller. I am a philosopher, further working as a business consultant and as a computer consultant for mac users on one hand and for smartphone users who are using iOS or the Symbian operating system on the other hand. I am working mostly from home. Currently I'm working on various books about "Ethics & Applied Integrated Philosophy". My hobbies are motorbiking, windsurfing & piloting floatplanes.

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