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214.1 Why And How To Submit Articles Automatically !

If you were able to create and publish one article every two and a half hours, wouldn't this make you
reconsidering the efficiency and value of writing ezine articles? This is exactly what article
submission software can do, but not only to 1 or 2 but to hundreds of directories ?

First Published :  15th of May 2011

A vast majority of article authors are making use of software submission software nowadays. This is due to the fact that to submit one article automatically takes about as much time as to submit one article to one single directory, with the difference that with a very similar effort it is possible to submit to hundreds of directories instead of only one or two at max within the same time.

What is it that you have to pay attention to while using automated article submission tools?

Read carefully through the various software reviews which you can find online under search terms like: "review+article+submit+automatically" or similar terms. You should see to it that there are at least 3 or 4, better more software packages reviewed and that you read through more than just one or two reviews on the same software. This way, within the hour, you will be able to choose a software that will suit your needs best, but at least a software that will not fail you completely.

Pay special attention to the quality of the article directories you are going to submit to, hence are included in the software you want to purchase. My opinion here defers slightly from that of others. I thinks that you should consider your style of writing and the amount of time you want to invest into creating one single article and then submit it manually first to see whether the various directories like your articles, your style and how forgiving they are in regard to minor errors.

You will see that it is often more efficient to leave the somehow arrogant, often self-proclaimed absolute top-rankers out and concentrate on the many hundred other directories. What I want to say is that to have a top submission software where the submissions are mostly a success and followed by a maximum number of "Live Articles" values often more than a software that fails with most of the super-top-directories in their list and/or you will have to make too many corrections or encounter too many disappeared ( deleted ) articles after submission.

This does not contradict the opinion that it will be important to submit to good directories with a good google page rank an acceptable Alexa rank. Just don't invest too much time to do it for hype-directories. I have seen some of them with very bad content on one hand and then rejecting articles for semi-colon errors on the other hand. The often function like a high-way-patrol, 100 cars are watched but just one is picked randomly, often depending on the drivers kind of sun-glasses more than on any driving relevant criteria :-)

Further you have to consider whether you want a hosted software or an installed software. A hosted software can be accessed from almost any browser, from any computer as well as with any operating system while installed software is mostly limited to certain operating systems and you need to carry your equipment at any time you would like to work on your submissions.

The various article directories are using different platforms and thus ask for differently formatted articles. So to avoid scrambled text in some and disappeared paragraphs in other submissions you should see to and test software with regard to these difficulties. They should claim to auto-format your articles to the appropriate form and as said, you should check upon their claims.

Last but not least you should pay very much attention to whether a software is doing a complete job for you which means one hundred percent automation, including registration with the various directories, chaptcha management, pen-name creation, high degree category selection, et cetera. Just imagine how much work it would be to register with 500 directories to find out later that only 300 of them are really working. Uhhhh. nerves my friends I can tell……. :-)

For more detailed information please have a look into the following site with more details about: "Fully Automated Article Submission" !

For information about my work in other fields check my platform with interesting information about: "Ethics & Philosophy" as well as know-how and ideas for various technologies!

My Name is Peter Keller, a business & computer consultant for OSX, iOS & Symbian Users. I'm working from home. Currently I'm writing on books about "Ethics & Applied Integrated Philosophy". My hobbies are motor biking, windsurfing & piloting.

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